DIY: Memory Board

Memory Board
Fall is the perfect time of year to give your home a mini-facelift.
One of the easiest ways is by simply changing out some of your wall accents. Custom wall accessories can be a bit pricey, but with a quick trip to the thrift store and a little elbow grease; you too can have a beautiful piece uniquely tailored to your home.Memory Board



Picture frame in the desired size

Acrylic paint

Natural bristle paint brush

1.5 yards fabric

Cotton batting

Satin Ribbon


Staple gun & staples

Flathead screwdriver

Upholstery nailheads (optional)


1. Begin by purchasing a sturdy picture frame with a good quality backing and with wood or gilded accents.

2. Use the screwdriver to carefully lift the metal tabs that secure the backing to the frame.

3. Once all tabs are lifted, apply a bit of gentle pressure to release the glass and matting. Remove artwork.

4. Before painting, thoroughly clean the frame of any dust or debris.

5. To paint in a distressed fashion use a “dry brush” technique by barely dipping the brush into the paint. Use light strokes to cover a large area. If more distressing is desired, use a light grade sandpaper to achieve an even more time-worn effect.

6. Place fabric face-side down followed by a layer of cotton batting. Next, lay the original picture backing atop the cotton batting and cut-to-fit the layers of fabric leaving a 1-inch overlap.

7. Fold the overlap onto the backing and secure with staples using the staple gun. Repeat this process until the entire perimeter is secured. If desired, remove any excess.

8. Measure ribbon in a criss-cross manner and apply one staple at each end, pull tight to ensure no slack is present. Add an upholstery nailhead to the center for added visual appeal.

9. Reassemble frame by returning the covered backing to the frame making sure a tight fit is present. Use the screwdriver to return the metal tabs into a locked position. Cover the back with butcher paper if desired for a professional effect.Memory BoardMemory BoardMemory BoardMemory BoardMemory Board

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